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Our Story

This is us!

We are a photography team, based out of Chicago, driven to help you capture all your dreams and make them forever memories. With a passion to continue to drive for "that" capture, the one moment in time, that memory that takes you from taking a photo to driving an emotion, a personal feeling of amazement and wonder. We are JPM Photography - Your Dreams Captured.

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We have been into photography for over 35 years, combined well over 45 years. With capturing memories for as long as we have, the different types of photography we have learned along the way and the resources we have around us, we continue to do everything we need to to become better than we were yesterday. From online classes and tutorials, to live demonstrations, from practicing on our own to the work we are hired for; we continue to improve every day.

We have photographed

  • over 500,000 in crowd portraits.
  • over 2,000 band shows.
  • as corporate event photographers covering meetings, corporate conferences and employee parties
  • as venue / house photographers (multiple venues for over 12 years total)
  • as wedding photographers capturing all the special moments and memories of the day for over 15 years
  • 1000's of portraits of families, couples and seniors for over 25 years
  • for friends and families for over 25 years
  • food for menus for over 15 restaurants
  • 1000's of products for the marketing industry and retail
  • dozens of Real Estate properties both commercial and residential
  • award winning photos with Chicago's Brookfield Zoo and Chicago Botanic Garden and more.
  • photos published in books, magazines and on online webpages and sources.
  • always learning and studying to keep up to date with all the new software, hardware and camera gear to make sure we capture your dreams and visions
  • among other miscellaneous general work for hire
  1. And the most important experiences we have gained have been with every single individual that made us smile along the way, and the friends we continue to make along the way.


Just a few of our loyal clients



Joe & Jen Anselmo

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A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.

Irving Penn